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Competition Requirements

Game Day Requirements

Venues for all SCRC member institution home games should comply with the USA Rugby Technical Zone & Sideline Management Guidelines.  Any deviation from these requirements should be approved as an exception by the conference.

All matches and events held by the SCRC member institution shall be officiated with USA Rugby qualified referees.  No match should proceed without a qualified referee.

It is the responsibility of each SCRC member institution to provide qualified medical personnel for each match or event hosted.  Teams should maintain an venue specific Emergency Action Plan for all of their hosted matches and it must be communicated to the opposing team and referee prior to the start of any contest. No match should proceed without qualified medical personnel in attendance.

Appropriate medical coverage includes, but is not limited to, a medical professional such as a doctor, paramedic or certified athletic
trainer (ATC), and an updated Emergency Action Plan).

Competition Paperwork

Eligibility Documentation - Each team must provide a completed USA Rugby Eligibility Form to the conference office.  Please remember that you are responsible for insuring that the players that enter the contest are full time students that meet the USA Rugby Collegiate Eligiblity Regulations.  Completed Documents should be returned to the conference office before the team's first weekend of competition.

Match Report - Must be submitted by 5 PM EST on Monday following the game. The winning team is responsible for submitting both team's forms after the match. Each form must be signed by team representatives and the referee.  Email reports to

Eligibility Waivers - The process for filing a waiver is also outlined on the USA Rugby website.

Conference Standings

Division Standings will be determined by record in conference games within each tier.  Cross tier matches will not count in standings unless game is forfeited in which case it will go as a loss for the forfeiting team only.

Tie Breaker
1. Head to Head
2. Win-Loss Record against teams higher in the standings
3. Fewest Points Allowed (all matches)
4. Point Differential (all matches)
5. Most Tries (all matches)