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2018 SCRC Olympic Rugby Championship

03/27/2018, 10:45pm EDT

Gamecocks win 3rd Title

The 2018 Southeastern Olympic Rugby Championship was be held on April 07 in Knoxville at the Tennessee Rugby Park. South  Carolina held off Kentucky in the final 7-5 to take their third title in as many years and claim the automatic bid to the Penn Mutual Collegiate Rugby Championship and the USA Rugby National Championship.


Pool A (1,6,9)

1. South Carolina
2. Georgia
3. Florida

Pool B (2,5,8)

1. Kentucky
2. Mississippi State
3. Auburn

Pool C (3,4,7)

1. Alabama
2. Tennessee
3. Ole Miss

Pool Play

09:00 AM   A2 v A3   Georgia 7, Florida 12
09:20 AM   B2 v B3   Miss State 0, Auburn 17
09:40 AM   C2 v C3   Tennessee 14, Ole Miss 10

10:00 AM   A1 v A2   South Carolina 24,Georgia 0
10:20 AM   B1 v B2   Kentucky 27, Miss State 5
10:40 AM   C1 v C2   Alabama 12, Tennessee 5

11:00 PM   A1 v A3   South Carolina 34, Florida 0
11:20 PM   B1 v B3   Kentucky 24, Auburn 0
11:40 PM   C1 v C3   Alabama 33, Ole Miss 0


1:00 PM   Game 1 (#8) Mississippi State 24, (#9)  Ole Miss 7
1:20 PM   Game 2 (#2) Kentucky 29, (#7) Georgia 12
1:40 PM   Game 3 (#3) Alabama 27, (#6) Florida 7 
2:00 PM   Game 4 (#4) Tennessee 12, (#5) Auburn 5
2:20 PM   Game 5 (#1) South Carolina 25, (W1) Miss State 0
3:00 PM   Game 6 (W2) Kentucky 14, (W3) Alabama 10
4:00 PM   Game 7 (W4) Tennessee 5, (W5) South Carolina 17
4:20 PM   Game 8 (L2) Georgia 10, (L3) Florida 29
4:40 PM   Game 9 (L4) Auburn 38, (L5) Mississippi State 12
5:00 PM   Game 10 (L6) Alabama 19, (L7) Tennessee 15 (3rd / 4th)
5:20 PM   Game 11 (L8) Georgia 14, (L9) Mississippi State 0 (7th / 8th)
5:40 PM   Game 12 (W8) Florida 5, (W9) Auburn 10 (5th / 6th)
6:00 PM   Game 13 SCRC Championship South Carolina 7, Kentucky 5

2018 Final Ranking

1. South Carolina
2. Kentucky
3, Alabama
4. Tennessee
5. Auburn
6. Florida
7. Georgia
8. Mississippi State
9. Ole Miss


Ranking Points

3 Pts    Win
2 Pts    Tie
1 Pt      Lose

Rank Determination

1.  Total Ranking Points

2.  Difference in points scored and allowed during pool play (point differential).

3.  Difference in number of tries scored and allowed during pool play.

4.  Points scored during pool play.

5.  Coin toss.

Tournament Roster
Teams will be allowed a 15-man roster for the event.  All participants must be eligible and registered based on USA Rugby Collegiate Eligibility Regulations and each team must have a certified coach as required by USAR regulation.

Player and Team Eligibility
All participants must follow all USA Rugby Collegiate Eligibility Guidelines.  Each team must provide a completed USA Rugby Eligibility Roster to the Competitions Director that is dated for the spring 2018 semester. All players on the tournament roster must be listed on the team eligibility roster.  Players that have already obtained and submitted to the conference a USAR eligibility waiver for 2017-2018 do not have to resubmit that documentation provided their eligibility status has not changed (graduation, full time status, etc.).  Eligibility documentation must be received by the conference prior to participation.
At the conclusion of the event the conference will verify participant eligibility using the tournament rosters and eligibility documentation on file. If a team plays a ineligible player or a player that has not his eligibility verified shall forfeit any points earned in the event. 

Please observe all USA Rugby guidelines related to technical zones and sideline protocol. 

1st, 2nd, 3rd and Bowl Championship trophies will be awarded.

Certified athletic trainer will be available to treat injuries and attend to medical emergencies related to the event.  Teams should make separate arrangements for preventative training needs.  If you would for the trainer on duty to do taping then teams should schedule accordingly and provide their own supplies. 


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