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2019 Regular Season

 Date  Visiting Team    Home Team  
 14-Sep-2019  Mississippi State  23  Alabama  43
 14-Sep-2019  Kennesaw State  29  Tennessee  19
 14-Sep-2019  Georgia Tech  17  Memphis  19
 21-Sep-2019  Alabama  12  Kentucky  40
 21-Sep-2019  Kennesaw State  50  South Carolina  07
 21-Sep-2019  Tennessee  55  Memphis  07
 21-Sep-2019  Ole Miss  0 F  Middle Tenn State  21
 21-Sep-2019  Georgia Tech  15  Auburn  25
 28-Sep-2019  Kentucky  73  Georgia  07
 28-Sep-2019  South Carolina  05  Tennessee  34
 28-Sep-2019  Auburn  0  Middle Tenn State  63
 28-Sep-2019  Georgia Tech  41  Mississippi State  24
 5-Oct-2019  South Carolina  07  Alabama  39
 5-Oct-2019  Auburn  05  Georgia  43
 5-Oct-2019  Kentucky  05  Kennesaw State  24
 5-Oct-2019  Mississippi State  14  Middle Tenn State  51
 5-Oct-2019  Ole Miss  03  Memphis  59
 12-Oct-2019  Georgia  03  South Carolina  43
 12-Oct-2019  Mississippi State  39  Ole Miss  33
 19-Oct-2019  Tennessee    Alabama **
 19-Oct-2019  Georgia    Kennesaw State  
 19-Oct-2019  Middle Tenn State    Kentucky  
 19-Oct-2019  Memphis    Auburn  
 19-Oct-2019  Ole Miss    Georgia Tech  
 26-Oct-2019  Alabama    Georgia  
 26-Oct-2019  South Carolina    Georgia Tech  
 26-Oct-2019  Ole Miss    Auburn  
 26-Oct-2019  Memphis    Mississippi State  
 2-Nov-2019  Kennesaw State    Ole Miss  
 2-Nov-2019  Tennessee    Kentucky  
 2-Nov-2019  Auburn    Mississippi State  
 2-Nov-2019  Middle Tenn State    Memphis  
 9-Nov-2019  Alabama    Kennesaw State  
 9-Nov-2019  Georgia    Tennessee  
 9-Nov-2019  Kentucky    South Carolina  
 9-Nov-2019  Middle Tenn State    Georgia Tech  
       F = Forfeit  
      ** Friday Night  



 Alabama 1 1  
 Georgia 0 2  
 Kennesaw State 3 0  
 Kentucky  2 1  
 South Carolina 1 3  
 Tennessee 1 1  
 Auburn 1 1  
 Georgia Tech 1 2  
 Memphis 2 0  
 Middle TN State 3 0  
 Mississippi State 1 2  
 Ole Miss 0 3  


November 16, 2019
Lexington, KY

#1 v #2

#1 v #2


Schedule Notes

  • Each team plays 3 home games and 3 away games.
    • Exception is Ole Miss that has 4 away and 2 home games 
  • 11 of the 12 teams completed the survey and all teams got their preferred open dates as requested.
  • Requested travel dates were honored when possible but it was pretty much impossible since most teams said they can’t play home matches on home football weekends.  As expected home football games was the biggest impact on the schedule.
  • The competition has been submitted to USA Rugby so that our 2nd tier champion can advance to the DII playoffs.  
  • Each team has 1 crossover game.  This game will not count in the record to determine final standings.  Exception: If a team forfeits / no shows this match it will count as a loss in the standings for that team and you risk losing a home game in a following season.
  • The champion of the DII tier will have the opportunity to challenge the 6th place team in D1AA in the spring. 
  • All matches between Tier 1 teams are expected to honor a reserve match after the official conference match.  If a team can’t honor this match then they are expected to work with the opposing team to find another team to assist in completing the day.
  • On November 16 the top 2 teams from each tier will meet to determine the champion and advancement to playoffs. 
  • Teams are free to move matches as their schedule will allow but it must be agreed to by all teams involved and reported to and approved by the conference before Sep 01.